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About Me

I am a young FMCG Sales Professional currently living in Chakwal. I am passionate about Web Development, Especially Web Based Apps. Love to Travel, capture and gather Photos of my beautiful country. I am also a experienced blogger & publish Super Mind Work. If you are looking for my old blog posts then please visit blog.shehrozkaleem.com.

I am always curious & look forward to work in a diverse business organization. I am currently working as Distribution Manager for Nestle, more details can be found in my CV.

As the head of Nestle distribution, My function is to ensure strategic & operational sales/distribution management of the area by maintaining strong distribution control & customer orientation while optimizing distribution P&L.


Super Mind Work Android App

Recently i have developed an Android app to give audience more convinient way to access the site on the go.

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Chakwal POS

Previously I worked as a Freelance Developer & developed a web based application called Chakwal POS. It is A web based ERP & POS system, features including inventory tracking, goods receiving, and supplier management, customer management. Developed using PHP, designed the frontend.

Super Mind Work

A media website that publishes reviews, news, articles, blogs, on Photography, Tech, Blogging & Social Media

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